for Musicians.

for Musicians.

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for musicians.

Making music in a healthy and sustainable way again.

It can happen in the blink of an eye – but what follows is a lengthy healing process and great despair.

As a physiotherapist I want to help you to not lose courage but rather to master the healing process, become an expert of your own problem, to achieve your goal and, more importantly, to maintain it in the long run.

As an oboe player

I know how important it is to be up and playing again as soon as possible.

As a physiotherapist

I have the necessary knowledge to get you there.

It will be my pleasure to treat you as a patient – partially in cooperation with the Berlin Center for Musicians Medicine. For the treatments, my main focus lies on helping musicians with orthopaedic, neurological and craniomandibular (head and jaw) symptoms.

Your personal goal

is the main priority for the treatment. In order to get you to where you want to be, we will start each session with detailed findings. With specific hands-on hands-off techniques and an exercise programme for you to do at home, I will support you in achieving your goal and maintaining it in the long run.

As a member of the DGfMM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Musikphysiologie & Musiker:innenmedizin), I regularly participate in symposia and work groups, for instance at the Music Physiotherapy Congress 2018 and the DGfMM in 20/21. I also keep up to date by reading recent studies and discussing ideas with fellow members and colleagues.

Advanced training

Manual Therapy
   Maitland® Concept
   Level 1 2020
   Level 2a 2021

   CRAFTA® Concept
   Foundations course 2020
   Special Topics course 2021
   Advanced course 2021/22

Therapeutic Climbing
   Trainer 2021

By taking regular additional and advanced trainings and doing literature research, I keep up to date with the current state of medical knowledge. Since I want to be able to react to the versatile problems typical for musicians, I am highly motivated to further my knowledge in a variety of ways.

Funding of the ESF


I am grateful for the current funding of the ESF for the partial financing of the advanced trainings I have been taking (CRAFTA Special topics and Foundations course, Therapeutic climbing, Schroth method for scoliosis treatment). This way I can further develop and expand my offer for musicians.